Should I go with WordPress to build a website?

In Today’s era, everyone is thinking about building a website on wordpress. Internet is holding 20% of self-hosted websites made from wordpress and receiving over 20 billion page views monthly. In this blog, we will know about wordpress in detail with its benefits. By the end of this blog, we will learn how useful this tool is and why all use this to build their websites.


  • Introduction to wordpress 
  • Examples of websites made from wordpress
  • Benefits of wordpress


WordPress is a content management system (CMS) based on php and My SQL. It consists of numerous templates, features and customization options which allows you to create any type of website starting from a simple blog to a complex e-commerce website.  Anybody can make a website with the help of a dashboard with just a basic technological knowledge. There are two types of wordpress websites: 

  • It is also called self- hosted wordpress which is a non-profit home from where anybody can build a website. 
  • it is for a profit-making business and easy to use with less flexibility as compared to self-hosted wordpress. 

In this blog we are more focused on self-hosted wordpress as we believe it is the best choice to build a website.

Example of websites made from wordpress

  • Blog
  • Business website
  • E-commerce website
  • Online course website
  • Broadcasting website

Benefits of WordPress

  • WordPress Software is Affordable: Making a website on wordpress is affordable. It involves the cost of web hosting and domain name which are used to run a website.  
  • Easy to create content: On wordpress with the help of its CMS, we can easily create and edit content. It provides you a beginner friendly block editor to create complex layouts without any help of technical knowledge. You can install any plugin like elementor or page builder for more visual experience. 
  • Customizable Website: On wordpress, you can easily change the layout or design of the website with the help of many themes and plugins. It does not require any type of technical knowledge.
  • WordPress for Everything: WordPress can be used for anything. We can make any type of website from a simple blog to a complex e-commerce website. With the help of wordpress features, we can expand our blog website into a sales-driven platform too. 
  • Control Everything: With self-hosted wordpress, you own 100% of the website and data. With proper technical knowledge, you can customize your own underlying software and database.  With 100% control, you are not dependent on third-party’s servers. 
  • SEO Friendly: It sets its own seo groundwork with the help of Yoast seo (plugin). It allows google to easily crawl and index your website. 
  • Device Friendly: WordPress works on all devices. It allows you to build and access your website from all the devices.
  • Learning Resources: You can easily learn how to use wordpress. It is so popular and its resources are easily available including Youtube tutorials and courses.


WordPress is a content management system which allows you to create a customizable and all device friendly website. It is affordable and easy to use without any help of technical knowledge. The most popular platform with easily available learning resources. Everyone is using wordpress to create a website due to its brilliant features, templates and customizable options.

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